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  • Population: 42.1 M
  • Total GDP: 42.449 B
  • GDP per person: $1,800
  • Orphans: 2.3 Million

"The Hungry Season" - a terrible moniker to describe the months of May through July in many parts of Africa. Recurring drought in the summer and flooding in the rainy season make food scarcity all too common. Now, people in East Africa are facing the worst famine in 60 years. Many are dying in their homes because they are too weak to make the trip to feeding and food distribution centers. Widows and children are among the most vulnerable.

Warm Blankets is on the front lines of this battle against hunger. Strategically positioned throughout East Africa, Warm Blankets has a highly effective network of outposts and church orphan homes. On a normal day, these homes care for hundreds of orphans and widows; but when hunger strikes, they become food distribution centers.

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